Item FamilyDescriptionWarranty
12XX SeriesSleepSense Snore Sensors6 Months
13XX SeriesSleepSense Piezo Effort Sensors1 Year
14XX SeriesSleepSense Thermal Airflow Sensors6 Months
147X SeriesSleepSense ThermoCanTM Airflow Sensors1 Year
148XX SeriesSleepSense Pressure TransducersTM Airflow Sensors1 Year
15XX SeriesSleepSense Body Position Sensors1 Year
17XX SeriesSleepSense Limb Movement Sensors1 Year
91XX SeriesSleepSense Inductive Interface Cables & Inductive Buckles1 Year
9002/9003-LXXX SeriesSleepSense Semi-Reusable Inductive Belts60 Days
9010XXSleepSense Reusable Inductive Belts1 Year
8110-XXXXXX SeriesReusable Soft Tip SpO2 Sensors18 Months

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For international inquiries please contact us at sales-int@slp-med.com

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