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  • SleepSense
    SLP has been designing and manufacturing sensors for the diagnosis of sleep disorders for more than 15 years. The combination of highly skilled engineers collaborating with world class sleep medicine professionals has resulted in a line of sensors that is truly Best in Class. Created by sleep people...
  • SleepSense RIP Inductive Technology
    SleepSense designed the first set of Inductive Bands that are available in multiple sizes, are machine washable and employ Velcro tabs allowing the bands to conform to a patient's size. The SleepSense RIP/Inductive System is affordable, easy to use, and needs little to no adjustment throughout the ...
  • SleepSense Snore Sensors
    SleepSense offers a variety of Snore Sensors for optimal matching with your clinical needs and system specifications. The large sensitive area of SleepSense Snore Sensors improves signal stability, and the high friction material decreases slide on oily or sweaty skin.
  • SleepSense Body Position Sensors
    SleepSense Body Position Sensors employ a unique design that more accurately indicates prone, supine, left, right or sitting-up positions.
  • Request a Catalog!
    Request a SleepSense Catalog today! (888) 757-7367 Ask about our Trial Program!
  • SleepSense Pressure Transducers
    SleepSense pressure transducers employ a unique design that makes them smaller, lightweight, and more durable.
  • SleepSense Thermal Flow Sensors
    SleepSense Thermal Flow Sensors employ a unique design that improves correlation with flow values as well as temperature values. These sensors are sturdy, stable, and deliver high quality signals while providing patient comfort.

For orders outside the US or Canada contact: InternationalSales@sleepsense.com

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